Campus 3D Memos

To subscribe, change your subscription, or remove your name from the 3D Memo Listserv, send an email to stating your request. A listserv is a system that sends email messages to everyone subscribed to a list. This service is available to all faculty and staff.

3D Memo Policies

  • 3D memos are a service provided as a cost effective way to inform University faculty/staff about University policies, issues, position announcements or upcoming events.
  • They are provided to the University of Arizona campus by the Printing Services division of Procurement and Contracting Services.
  • 3D memos are distributed to any University of Arizona faculty/staff member who has asked to be placed on the 3D email list.
  • There is no cost to receive 3D memos.
  • 3D memos must pertain to University related business. Personal information or advertisements can not be accepted for 3D distribution.
  • 3D memos are emailed to subscribers in text form.
  • We can now send attachments and most "placed" art / photos / logos.
How to Send 3D Memos

Send your memo as an email attachment to, and fax the signed Printing Services Form to (520)621-6478.

We do require an original Printing Services Billing Form with electronic signature (as is the fax,) to certify the memo is for official University business.

Optionally, you can mail your Printing Services Billing Form to:
Procurement and Contracting Services
Attn: Printing Services
Campus 210458

3D Memos will be sent to the 3D listserve within 24 hours of receipt of your email. The cost is $19.00 for electronic email distribution.